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iMessage On PC:Apple produces various different apps like it uses safari web browser for web browsing, iTunes media player for music and iWork for creativity and the productivity suites that can be easily downloaded easily from their online store named as IOS app store and Mac App store. iMessage on pc As some of the Apple Applications are that much good that it can’t be matched with some other application of any other operating system and one of them is iMessage.


iMessage is the official apple messenger ios have. It is the instant messaging services that was developed by Apple Inc.  It is supported by the different messages application in iOs 5 and the latest versions of it. iMessage was announced at the WWDC in the year 2011 by Scott Forstall. After this announcement, a version of the Ios Messages was included in an update of the IOS 5.

It is the most usable app that is being used in bulk. As per the reports of 2017it was estimated that more than 6.3 trillion messages were sent annually which is almost equal to the 2, 00,000 messages per second which is a very big amount.


iMessage has a big list of features and allows it, users, to send and receive the texts, photos, videos, different documents, contact information of a person and can also send group messages by using a Wi-Fi or the mobile phone internet access. In short, it provides an alter way for all the users having devices running iOs 5 or later to standard SMS/MMS messaging.


iMessage can be easily accessed through the Messages app on an iPad,iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5 or later or on any of the Mac that is running OS X Mountain Lion or a later version. The Owner of the device can easily register for one or more than one email addresses with Apple or they can also register their phone numbers with it.

Whenever a message is being sent through a mobile number, the Messages will first get check with Apple if the registered mobile number is being set up for the iMessage and If the message is not set then it will get a transition from the iMessage to SMS.

iMessage on pc

All iMessage that are being sent or received all are encrypted and can be easily tracked by the user by using the delivery receipts. It allows the sender to see whether the recipient has read the message or not but it is only possible If the recipient enables the Read Receipts. iMessage also allows their users to set up the chats with a large group of people which is known as a “group chat”.


The protocol of the iMessage is basically based on the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs). The Apple Push Notification service is the proprietary and the binary protocol which usually sets up the Keep-Alive connection with all the servers of the Apple.

Every connection which has been set-up has its very own unique code which basically acts as the identifier for the specific route that should be used to send or receive the message to the specific device. The connection is encrypted with the TLS by using the client-side certificate which was requested by the device on the activation of the iMessage.


There is nothing in the world that is completely perfect and same as with iMessage. The one of the major Drawback of iMessage is that a person can send or receive messages only from another person that have the IOS enable Devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. it can’t be used by any other operating system such as Android. Sending and receiving the messages to a specific device is the biggest limitation of iMessage.

But there is always a second way that helps and it is to install the iMessage on pc and with the help of which anyone can easily send the messages to the device having iMessage. There are some of the Basic tips with the help of which a user can easily install and can use iMessage on pc.


So to get iMessage on pc the very first thing to do is to verify the application on the machine you are using. Just look for the Messages In the spotlight search or using via your folder of Applications.  If you do not have the messages installed just verify that OS mountain Lion 10.8 or higher version is running on your system if you do not have this just download the latest OS that is allowed by your Mac computer.

iMessage on pc